How to Draw Ed Sheeran!

Here's how you can draw your very own Ed Sheeran!

Step 1: Start by drawing a big circle for the head

Make sure it's a little bit pointed at the bottom, and big enough to fit a face inside!

Ed Sheeran's head without hair or features

Step 2: Give him some eyes

Draw on 2 squished circles in the middle of the head and add some more circles for pupils and colour (Ed has very blue eyes!)

Ed Sheeran's head with just eyes

Step 3: Draw the rest of the face in!

Give Ed a slightly bobbley nose, a big cheeky grin and some dots for freckles under his eyes

Ed Sheeran without hair

Step 4: Beard time!

Draw some little orange lines under the nose and all over the bottom of the head to give Ed a little bit of a beard. Don't worry about being messy with this!

Ed Sheeran with face and beard but no hair

Step 5: Add some hair

Start by loosely drawing a good hair shape around the top of the head by making quick flicky lines...

Ed Sheeran loose hair shape

....the go wild and fill in the rest with scribbles and more flicks!

Ed Sheeran drawing with hair

Step 6: Add colour and shading

Finally, colour in your Ed and add a couple of lines in a darker colour along one side to add some shading and make him stand out and look good!

Ed Sheeran drawing

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