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How to Draw Ed Sheeran!

Here's how you can draw your very own Ed Sheeran!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  March 9th 2021

Step 1: Start by drawing a big circle for the head

Make sure it's a little bit pointed at the bottom, and big enough to fit a face inside!

Step 2: Give him some eyes

Draw on 2 squished circles in the middle of the head and add some more circles for pupils and colour (Ed has very blue eyes!)

Step 3: Draw the rest of the face in!

Give Ed a slightly bobbley nose, a big cheeky grin and some dots for freckles under his eyes

Step 4: Beard time!

Draw some little orange lines under the nose and all over the bottom of the head to give Ed a little bit of a beard. Don't worry about being messy with this!

Step 5: Add some hair

Start by loosely drawing a good hair shape around the top of the head by making quick flicky lines...

....the go wild and fill in the rest with scribbles and more flicks!

Step 6: Add colour and shading

Finally, colour in your Ed and add a couple of lines in a darker colour along one side to add some shading and make him stand out and look good!