How to Draw Minnie the Minx!

Watch Beano artist, Paul Palmer, show you how he draws Minnie the Minx!

Use a light blue pencil to mark out the basic shapes

Then a normal pencil over that to sketch out the details of Minnie

Paul Palmer sketching Minnie the Minx with a blue pencil and a normal pencil

Give Minnie a cheeky facial expression!

The trick is to make her look evil - but not TOO evil

Paul Palmer drawing the pupils into Minnie the Minx's eyes

Get a variety of thickness to your lines

A dip pen is great for this but you can use different size markers as well

Paul Palmer drawing Minnie the Minx

Give her 4 black stripes on her jumper

6 thin lines make sure there's enough to make the thicker stripes

The stripes on Minnie the Minx's jumper

Correct your mistakes when colouring

If you've made any mistakes, don't worry - you can often cover them up when your colouring in the black stripes!

Paul Palmer colouring in Minnie the Minx

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