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How to Draw Tricky Dicky!

Watch Beano artist, Laura Howell, show you how she draws Tricky Dicky!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  May 2nd 2017

Give him a big toothy grin

A good cheeky expression is key to Tricky's signature look

Add three freckles to each cheek

Add dots in a small triangle on each side of the face to keep it balanced

Tricky Dicky always has the same number of spikes of hair on his head

Five on the top pointing forward and 3 to the side pointing backwards 

Basic colours - just stick to blues and reds

(and ginger hair - obviously!)

Include a pranking tool

Where would Tricky be without his good ol' pranking tools? Have him holding up a whoopee cushion, or a squirty flower, or even a classic rubber spider!

And here's Laura's finished Tricky Dicky!