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How To Have a Blam-Tastic Birthday Under Lockdown

Quarantined on your birthday? Never mind - here are some top tips for a brilliant birthday at home!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

So, this lockdown thing - it's kind of pants, right?  

Well, yes. It is pants.

But no matter how pants it gets - you can still have loads of fun on your birthday! In fact, it's all the more reason to make sure it's an extra good one.

Here are a few top tips for how you can have a brilliant birthday whether you're locked up, locked down, or somewhere in between.

Step 1 - Get Everyone To Make A Fuss Over You

Make your dad feed you ice cream in bed or give you a head massage whilst you play with LEGO. Or maybe your grandparents could write you a 10,000 word poem in Latin about how great you are. It's your birthday! They literally can't say no!* *Wait, maybe they can.

Step 2 - Eat More Cake

One good thing about a birthday in lockdown is you don't have to share your cake! You should still give some to your family though, by the way. They're going to be giving you a lot of head massages and they'll need the energy.

Step 3 - Make Your Family Dress Up In Silly Costumes

Pick a theme for your lockdown party and see if you can get everyone to dress up to match it - Romans, sharks, popstars in space, use your imagination!

@billieeilish | instagram

Step 4 - Birthday Video Calls

Say hi to all your pals and show off all your pressies - without them getting their sticky hands all over them! You can even arrange a Netflix party so you can all watch a movie together. You get to pick the film, of course. It's your birthday!

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Step 5 - Party Games

Play some games with the people you live with, or get some friends to join in on a video call. You can play classics like pass the parcel and musical chairs, or invent your own completely new party games! How's about Pin the Moustache on the Pineapple? A three-legged Bubble-wrap stamping contest? Or Blindfolded Egg-and-Spoon Wheelbarrow Racing? OK that last one sounds completely impossible... but you get the idea!