How to Make a Frozen Dinosaur Egg

We dare you to play this prehistoric prank!

It's EGGS-cellent!

To make this cool prank, you'll need: a balloon, a small toy dinosaur and some food colouring

Make a frozen dinosaur egg

Step 1

Put the dinosaur into a balloon. You might need to stretch the balloon over it, but take your time. Make sure you don't put a hole in the balloon because that is going to make a mess!

Make a frozen dinosaur egg

Step 2

Pour a few drops of food colouring into the balloon. then fill it with enough water to surround the dinosaur. Tie the balloon shut and stick it in the freezer overnight. 

Make a frozen dinosaur egg

Step 3

In the morning, peel the balloon away from the frozen liquid - this is your frozen dinosaur egg. Epic, isn't it? YOu can keep it in the freezer until you're ready to play your prank.

Make a frozen dinosaur egg

Step 4

Now all you have to do is pretend you found the frozen dinosaur egg. When you tell people you think it's a dinosaur egg, they won't believe you - but when it thaws out to reveal a baby dinosaur, they'll be totally freaked out!

Make a frozen dinosaur egg

Step 5

And here he comes - forget palaeontolgy - this is LOL-aeontology!

Make a frozen dinosaur egg

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