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How To Make – A Shopping Bag

Are your pockets too small for all your things? Are your hands only normal size? You need this epic t-shirt shopping bag!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 1st 2021

If you're going to hit the mean streets of Stink City, you'd better come prepared. You'll be stocking up on loads of famous Stink City specialities - like pickled jellyfish or doglumps - so you'll need a good solid shopping bag.

And what better way to get one than to make it out of some dusty old t-shirt you never wear any more!?

You Will Need:

  • An old t-shirt
  • A pair of scissors
  • That's it!

Step 1: Cut off Arms

Cut both arms off your old t-shirt, trying to keep them as even as you can. Oooh - and watch out for those sharp scissors!

Step 2: Cut the bottom of your t-shirt into strips

Like this! Make them a couple of cm wide, and not too short. You'll be tying them together soon, so make sure they're long enough. Try and make it a bit more even than this guy did. Just can't get the staff these days.

Step 3: Turn your t-shirt inside-out

This step is easy!

It should look like this now!

Step 4: Tie those strips together!

Take each strip along the bottom of your t-shirt, and tie it to the one below it. Like so!

Step 5: Tie up any loose ends

Chuck a few double knots about! The more knots, the stronger your bag. If you know any sailors this would be a great time to call in some favours - they love knots.

Step 6: Cut the handles

Back up to the top of the t-shirt again now! Cut a deep U shape into the neck hole of the shirt (is "neck hole" the right word??) - these will become the handles of your shopping bag.

You can definitely do a neater job than this amateur!

Step 7: Turn the bag inside out again!

...And you're done! It's not the neatest bag ever, but wonky edges will be the height of fashion next year - and you'll be ahead of the game.

Now you can be the talk of the town with this very handy and 100% recycled bag! Just like this stylish gent!