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How to Make – Code Wheel

Ever wanted to create a code wheel which will totally baffle your friends? Here's how to do it!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 19th 2021

You're exploring some ancient ruins and discover a wall covered in emojis. But what could they mean? Within a few minutes, you could make your own code wheel and decipher the secrets of ancient civilisation! But you'll need some stuff to start you off...

You will need:

  • Two pieces of plain paper or card
  • A ruler
  • A pen
  • A saucepan lid
  • A lid of some description
  • Scissors
  • A fastener to hold the two circles together


Use the saucepan lid to draw the bigger circle. See if you can do it in one graceful swoosh of the pen. Don't worry if you can't. We failed during this bit.


Now we're cooking. Carefully – and we cannot stress this enough, carefully – cut out each circle, taking great care to keep your fingers away from danger. Better still, ask a grown up to do this for you because they like to help out with these kinds of things.


Once you've admired your paper circles, place the larger disc on the table and draw a line across the centre. If you have a ruler bigger than the circle, use that, because it will be much easier to complete the task.


Mark the centre point of the two circles and draw lines across. You need to split this into 26 equal sections for each letter of the alphabet. Then you can begin to write the each letter of the alphabet into the sections of the larger wheel. Yeah, it's a wheel now.


Now take the smaller wheel and draw different emojis into outer part of the sections. Excellent work.


Here's one we made earlier! Doesn't that look totally blam? The answer, of course, is yes!


You'll need something to fasten both wheels together. We used an old birthday candle holder. We carefully pushed it through each individual wheel then slotted them together. Give it a little spin. Whee!


To create a code, pick an emoji and spin it around to the letter A on the outer wheel. This will help you and any other explorers decipher the code. For example, we chose the pizza emoji, because all this hard work has made us feel peckish!


For your code, we chose pig, crying emoji, pizza, sunshine and book. Have a look and see if you can figure out the word!

The answer is: BEANO!