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Make Yourself a Dennis (or a Minnie!) For World Book Day!

Cassie and Ed are on hand to help you design your very own World Book Day costume, Beano-style

Like the rest of us, Cassie and Ed are getting ready for World Book Day – but they’ve got a bit of a problem.

That’s because, while they’ve both decided who to go as – Minnie and Dennis, obvs – they’ve got a small problem – they need to finish off their costumes with some blam-tastic hair!

Luckily though, Cassie and Ed have plenty of ideas of how to make some hair-larious hairstyles from things you can easily find lying around the house!

Want to know how to do it? No probs, we’ve got a handy list of instructions right here!

How to make Dennis hair!

– Take an ordinary baseball cap (black colour preferable)- Fill in the hole at the back- Get a kitchen sponge, cut off the rough bit (it absorbs paint) then cut the sponge into menace-y spikes- Get a pipe cleaner and thread through the holes of the cap and attach your spongy spikes!- Then use the crepe paper to add a fringe!

How to make Minnie’s hat!

– Take a black t-shirt, put it on your head and attach a headband to tie it on -Then use a bit of gaffer tape to bunch it together, beret-style!- Now, you need to make a pom pom, so take a piece of paper, making sure it’s not so flimsy and make two circles on the paper by drawing round a roll of tape – you should be left with two papery c-shapes.- Next, use some scissors to cut a hole in the circle and wrap some wool round your papery shapes!- Now, using the scissors, cut around the top of the c-shape, then thread another piece of wool round the cardboard, tie it off and then pull off the paper and – hey presto, you’ve got a pom pom!- So now, take your pom pom and stick it on your t-shirt hat with a piece of tape- And lastly, if you need to make yourself some Minnie-like hair, a bit of orange crepe paper will do just the job!

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