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How to Prank for Valentine’s Day

You'll fall in love with these choco-pranks!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  February 14th 2018

How to Prank for Valentine's Day!

Let's face it, Valentine's is the soppiest and silliest of all the holidays, and it definitely needs to be spiced up a bit. Check out these Tricky Dicky tips and tricks!

Falling in LOVE with pranks!

Check out some of these ideas to get your prank on!

Box of Prunes

You will need:- a box of chocolates          - a bag of prunes          - a small note

Carrot Bar

You will need- a chocolate bar          - a carrot         - help from an adult

Valen-tomato Hearts

You will need:- heart-shaped mould          - cooking chocolate          - tomato puree - empty chocolate box         - big bowl