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How to Prank for Valentine’s Day!

You'll fall in head over heels with these hilarious Valentine's Day pranks!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 3rd 2023

Let's face it, Valentine's Day is the soppiest and silliest of all the holidays, and it definitely needs to be spiced up a bit with some sweet practical jokes. Be inspired by these expert pranking tips and tricks!

Get ready for these awesome Valentine's Day Pranks!


If you've got some fart spray, then this is a fantastic prank for February 14th! Get a pretty flower and wrap the stem with some paper. Maybe draw some hearts on it and make it look extra special. Then carefully spray the flowers and take care not to get any on your hands or the joke will be on you! Present the flower to your Valentine and say how wonderful it smells. You've just pranked someone in the stinkiest way possible. Boom!


Your Valentine will get a gift at the end of this, so it's not a cruel prank! Get or make a nice little present, but wrap it in so much paper it takes them ages to get into it! Don't forget to recycle everything when you're done, but don't worry, this prank takes a while, and it only gets funnier. And funnier...


For this prank, you'll need a empty ring box and a Brussels sprout! Casually say to your Valentine that you've got them a really fancy gift for February 14th and when they open the box, they'll be expecting a pretty ring or some lovely jewellery. But here comes the big LOL – they'll see the humble sprout instead. Add to the joke by drawing a little face on it!


If your grown-ups pride themselves on always remembering everyone's birthday and other occasions which require a thoughtful card, try and catch them when they're daydreaming about something. Say something that suggests that it was Valentine's Day yesterday and watch their faces fall as the realisation of missing the big day begins to dawn on them. When they leap up to rush to the shops, tell them that it was a classic prank and you'll see them return to a moment of calm. But with red faces.


Another way to approach the prank above is to simply pretend that you have no idea what all this "Vallingtime" business is all about. And when they're least expecting it, go 'Aaah, tricked you' and present them with a card! Classic Valentine prank! Remember not to leave the 'forgetting' and 'remembering' part too long!


When you make the Valentine's Day card, fill the envelope with glitter and glue it tightly shut, so when they open it glitter goes everywhere! Remember to still write a nice message in there, and of course offer to help clear up the mess!


For this prank, you just need the classic prank accessory: a whoopee cushion. When your grown-ups are about to sit down for their special Valentine's Day meal, slide the cushion onto one of the chairs just as they're about to sit down. Then everyone will hear a massive fart sound and think they've got horrible wind.


Make your friend think they have a secret admirer by covering their locker or desk with lots of pink hearts with cute messages on them. They'll be puzzled and will spend the day wondering who did it!


Simply write inside Valentine's Day card backwards, so they have to hold a mirror up to see what you've written. Simple but effective pranking!

A puzzled man


People love flowers on Valentine's Day. It's like the law or something. Really surprise your Valentine by presenting them with a bag of flour on the big day! They'll think it's really funny.