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Funny Faces – A How To Guide

Want a world-class gurn on your chops? Check out this guide and become a funny face master!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Pulling funny faces is silly, right? WRONG.

Squeezing your face into funny shapes is actually an ancient art form that humans have been doing since... well, since they had faces. Don't believe us? Here's a genuine painting from the temple of Parp in Ancient Egypt, that shows a young Pharoah sporting a sweet pout on his mush.

But how are YOU meant to compete with the great ugly mugs of history? By following this guide, that's how!

Step 1 - Prepare

This is very important. 82% of all silly faces fail because of a lack of proper preparation. Give yourself a massage, breathe deeply, and imagine you're chewing on a wasp. Do not skip this step.

Step 2 - Pull that face!

Now pull the daftest face you can! Wiggle your eyebrows, suck your cheeks in, go cross-eyed - whatever comes naturally. You can do it!

Step 3 - Use Your Tongue

Now stick your tongue out. If your tongue was already out, try and lick your nose. If your tongue was already on your nose, then you could be a natural.

Step 4 - Accessorize!

Now that you're pulling a funny face, add the final touches by gripping a pencil between your teeth or balancing something on your head. You can use anything for this bit (just don't use anything heavy or breakable!)  

Step 5 - Practise

Now you know how to pull funny faces, you must practise every day to master your new skills. We recommend doing this behind policemen when they're looking the other way. Go now, and use your funny face wisely.

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