Can To Spook Your Mum?

Even if your mum's one brave lady, it doesn't mean she won't fall for one of our spooky halloween pranks!


"Message from Beyond!" We've all drawn a smily face on a fogged up mirror, right? This time you need to write a message BEFORE the window gets fogged up, then when your mum gets out of the shower the message will have spookily appeared! What are you going to write?


"The missing finger trick!" Buy a fake finger from a joke shop and let your mum find it. But how?


"The Creepy Poltergeist Trick!" Move you mum's breakfast spoon around using a magnet underneath the table and...


"I Need Brains!" Cut a cauliflower and put it in a jar filled with water and red food colouring. Stick a label on the jar saying:

Totally Random Question

How are you feeling TODAY?  Which ONE emoji would you choose to describe that?

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"The Pickled Head Trick!" Print out a picture of your face and stick it to the inside of a jar so it looks like you've pickled your head. Leave it in a cupboard next to the biscuits... But what if your Mum doesn't find it?


"Frozen Eyeballs!" Offer your mum a refreshing glass of her favourite soft drink and secretly add gummy eye-ball sweets frozen in ice cubes. When the ice melts the eyeballs will float to the top and...


"The Rotten Toffee Apple Trick!" Make your mum a seasonal toffee apple except...


"The Sewer Invasion Trick!" Bung a rubber rat down the toilet. Close the lid and...


Hang a giant toy spider from a piece of string and balance it above the doorway so when Mum opens the door...

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