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VSCO Girls Quiz: How VSCO Are You?

Find out what percentage VSCO you are by taking this groundbreaking, scientific VSCO girls quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Have you been spotting a lot of VSCO scrunchies, hydro flasks or maybe VSCO friendship bracelets?

Whatever your feelings on VSCO girls, whether you want to be a VSCO girl or can't bear the idea, our VSCO Girls Quiz will answer your question: VSCO or no?

Let's find out!

1/10 A sea creature floating around

What's your favourite sea creature?

2/10 A pair of colourful socks

What is on your feet right now?

3/10 TV host Anderson Cooper wears a big wig
Anderson Live | Fox5

What do you use to tie your hair back?

4/10 A shell bracelet on a woman's wrist

You spot a shell bracelet at a market. How do you react?

5/10 A dog sticks its head out of a car window

Your lips are a bit flaky. How do you fix them?

6/10 A person on a laptop and mobile

You've read the funniest thing on your friend's social media. How do you respond? 

7/10 A girl carries a pink backpack and swishes her hair about
The Platform | Giphy

What do you carry your stuff around in?

8/10 A woman shouting into a megaphone

What are you most likely to say?

9/10 A man switching t-shirts in the blink of an eye

How should a t-shirt fit?

10/10 A person relaxing on a deckchair on a sandy beach

What's your attitude to life?

100% VSCO

You are: 100% VSCO

You're laid back, love life and don't care about how many likes your social media posts get. You couldn't be more VSCO if you tried!

65% VSCO

You are: 65% VSCO

If you made your own shell bracelet or something, your score would be much higher!

25% VSCO

You are: 25% VSCO

You've got some VSCO qualities but not enough to be like, totes VCSO – not to worry! You're a cool individual too!


You are: 0% VSCO

You're more of a gran, if anything!