How Well Do You Know DanTDM?

Think you're an expert on Dan, Dr. Trayaurus, his Roblox videos and all his hair colours? Try this ultra-hard DanTDM quiz!

The Ultimate DanTDM quiz!

What was the first console Dan and his brother ever owned?

How many tattoos does Dan have?

What is the title of DanTDM's debut graphic novel?

Where did Dan work before he quit to make videos full time?

How did Dan break his hand?

Image by DanTDM | YouTube

Where did Dan meet his wife Jemma?

How much money did Dan make in 2017?

Why does DanTDM recreate Dr. Trayaurus in The Sims 2?

Which of these is NOT the title of a real DanTDM Roblox video?

Where did Dan propose to Jemma?

When is Dan's birthday?

What was the name of Dan's first YouTube channel?

How long did it take Dan to reach the TRUE ending of Getting Over It?

On his tour, Dan sold out a venue in the second-fastest time EVER. What was the venue?

Who first introduced Dan to Minecraft?

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Why did Dan dye his hair pink and blue?

A host of which TV show 'pretended' to be DanTDM?

What was the title of Dan's first video about Fortnite?

What are the names of Dan's pugs that were included in his show DanTDM Creates A Big Scene?

And finally... an ultra hard question for the TRUE DanTDM fans... what is Dan's real last name?

Find out what makes DanTDM a record-breaking YouTuber!

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