How Well Do You Know Selena Gomez? Quiz

Are you a Selena super-fan? Or are you just a Bad Liar? Take this epic pop quiz to find out!

Image by @selenagomez | instagram

Selena likes surfing and skateboarding. True or false?


Selena Gomez comes from Texas, USA. But whereabouts is that on this map?

Image by @selenagomez | instagram

When Selena was younger, she used to star on kids TV shows like this one. What's the name of the purple dinosaur she's standing next to in this picture?


The word "Selena" means "squeaky voice" in Italian. True or false?

Image by @selenagomez | instagram

For a while, one of Selena's close family also worked as her manager.

Until she fired them!

Who was it?

Totally Random Question

Which of these do you think you do AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK…

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Which of these Guinness World Records does Selena have?

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Which of these is NOT a song by Selena?


Which of these is the REAL lyrics to Bad Liar?


What does Selena think of Harry Potter?

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Selena does the voice for which character in Hotel Transylvania?

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