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How Well Do You Know The Numskulls?

Numskulls Quiz

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 17th 2017

Take The Numskulls Challenge!


Everybody's got Numskulls, but where do the Numskulls from Beano live?


Which Numskull has to fasten his seatbelt if Edd sneezes?


3/10 Where is the spirit level which helps Edd keep his balance?


Which Numskull is supposed to be in charge of all the others?


5/10 Which department wouldn't detect that the Bumskulls have been misbehaving?


Which Numskull has to shovel food down Edd's throat so the Tumskulls will stay quiet?


7/10 Where does Brainy keep things that have happened to Edd in the past?


Who makes sure Edd's eyes are open when he's awake and closed when he's asleep?


9/10 Brainy controls a very special part of Edd's brain, which can create absolutely anything. What is it called?


Which Numskull sweeps up all the earwax Edd's brain makes and pushes it out of his ear hole?ย 

Your 'Skulls are playing tricks on you - see if you can wake them up and try again!

Wow! Your Numskulls are pretty good at running your brain! Why not try again and see if they can set a new personal best?

Awesome! Your Numskulls are on top form!ย