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How Well Do You Know Zoella?

Find out if you're Zoella's biggest fan with this sweet quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

How Much Do You Know About Zoella?

1/8 Zoella
@Zoella | Youtube

Where was Zoella born?

@Zoella | Youtube

What is Zoella's real name?

3/8 Zoella
@Zoella | Youtube

Who is Zoella's brother?

@Zoella | Youtube

What's the name of Zoella's first book?

5/8 Zoella
@Zoella | Youtube

What year was Zoella born?

@Zoella | Youtube

What is Zoella's second youtube channel called?

7/8 Zoella
@Zoella | Youtube

Which cosmetics company did Zoella collaborate within 2019?

@Zoella | Youtube

What year did Zoella launch her channel?

Amazing result
@Zoella | Youtube

Wow, you're Zoella's number one fan! Well done!

Nice job result
@Zoella | Youtube

Nice! You know quite a lot about Zoella!

Try again result
@Zoella | Youtube

You're not Zoella's biggest fan but you've watched her channel once or twice!

Uh oh result
@Zoella | Youtube

Uh oh, you're not much of a Zoella fan! A great excuse to go and watch her channel!