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Capital Cities Emoji Quiz

Can you decipher these capital cities from the emoji clues? Give it a go in this epic quiz!

Capital Cities Emoji Quiz


Which city do these symbols represent?


What about this one?


These emojis spell out a capital city – but which one?


What about this one? What do these emoji's symbolise?


Which city do these represent?


Which capital do these emojis spell out? 


Which city is symbolised here?


Finally – what city is being spelled out here?

Wow! You're the master of decoding and you know a lot of capital cities! Points all round!

Well done! You're an emoji expert and you know your capitals!

Not bad, but you could always score higher! Have another go and see if you learn anything new about capital cities! 

Oh no! Someone needs to go back to emoji geography class! Nevermind, try again and maybe you'll score higher!