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Epic Rosanna Pansino Quiz

How much do you know about Rosanna and her yummy channel? Take this awesome quiz and find out!

Epic Rosanna Pansino Quiz

1/10 Cake

What kind of videos does Rosanna make?

2/10 Woman on yellow background

What's the name of her cooking series?

3/10 Tv on blue background

Which of these TV shows has Rosanna NOT appeared on?

4/10 Tape measure on white background

How tall is Rosanna? 

5/10 Map of USA

Where does Rosanna live?

6/10 Trophy on dark blue background with smiley faces

Which Streamy award has Rosanna been nominated for?

7/10 Dog in sunglasses

What was the name of Rosanna's dog?

8/10 Microphone, crowd and question mark

What was the name of her song?

9/10 Man on white background

How many followers does Rosanna have?

10/10 Dentist in surgery

Which of these careers did Rosanna once consider?

Amazing result
Rosanna Pansino | Youtube

Incredible! You're a huge Rosanna fan, and you probably love baking too! 

Well done result
Rosanna Pansino | Youtube

Well done! You did well because you're obviously a big Rosanna fan!

Try again result
Rosanna Pansino | Youtube

Well you know a couple of things about Rosanna but you can always learn more by checking out her awesome channel!

Oh no result
Rosanna Pansino | Youtube

Hmm, you're not much of a Rosanna fan! But don't worry, that just means you've got a great excuse to go and watch all of her videos!