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Dig Into This The Rice Artist Trivia Quiz!

Are you having a pilaf? Test your TikTok trivia skills with this light and fluffy Rice Artist quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 28th 2024

He came out of lockdown and has become a star for his clever and original way of making art with rice - are you a fan of The Rice Artist? He's worked with celebs and now travels the world making rice art! Read on and put your knowledge of this starchy artist to the test!

Grab a bowl and feast your eyes on this rice quiz!


Where did the Rice Artist get big?

@thericeartist | Tiktok

What kind of art does the Rice Artist make?

3/10 A painting in an art gallery

What does he do with his art?

4/10 A camera operator

How does he make the Tiktok videos?

@thericeartist | Tiktok

To get the picture to look right, he has to make them.... what?

@thericeartist | Tiktok

What kind of pictures does he usually make?

7/10 A man scratches his chin

What's his name?

8/10 A bowl of Rice Krispies

As well as rice art videos, what does he have on his channel?

@thericeartist | Tiktok

Tricky one - who is this portrait of?

@thericeartist | Tiktok

He really went into space to make this one. True or false?

@thericeartist | Tiktok

Yikes! Oh dear! Looks like you'd better swot up on your Rice Artist knowledge and have another go at this quiz! This score can definitely be improved on - and we have lots more TikTok and Youtube quizzes for you to have a go at! Better luck next time!

@thericeartist | Tiktok

Nice work! This is a decent score! You did well - but you can do better! Have another go, and see if you can score a little higher next time! But if you've had enough of this one, you can always try a different Tiktok quiz! We have lots more!

@thericeartist | Tiktok

Gasp! Well done! This is an amazing score! You almost got 100%! You just missed out on a top score by one or two wrong answers... too bad! Have another go if you want a full set - or let's try a different quiz and see if you can beat this score on that one! Good luck!

@thericeartist | Tiktok

Amazing! This is the perfect score! Fantastic work! You got every single question correct! You clearly know loads about the Rice Artist! Well done - do you think you can match this score on a different Tiktok quiz? There's only one way to find out!