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Incredible Adventure Time Cakes

Adventure Time fans have gone to amazing lengths to recreate their favourite show – in cake form!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  August 12th 2016

This epic land of Ooo mountain of cake

Who knew Beemo was rainbow inside?

banana_guards | Twitter

And that cinnamon bun wasn't a Cinnamon Bun inside

heckyeah-adventuretime | tumblr

Could you eat these incredibly cute cupcakes?

How about these strange little fluff cakes?

songsweetsong | Pinterest

Lumpy Space Princess, is that you?

cartoonnetwork | Twitter

These little French macaroons look too good to eat

finn.thehuman | Instagram

Noooo get outta here salad!

Robin Kuppusamy | Pinterest

And Adventure Time is perfect for BIRTHDAY TIME