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This Indian Cricket Quiz Will Spin You Out!

How well do you know the Indian Cricket Team?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 11th 2022

There’s no way you’ll survive these tricky deliveries on Indian Cricket without a losing a wicket. There’s no reason to be defensive though, just keep a straight bat, get yourself on the front foot and do your best! See how many questions you can answer from our Indian Cricket Quiz to find out how many runs can you get for the greatest ever cricketing nation!

1/10 A boy looking at a globe with a magnifying glass

What continent does the Indian cricket team play their home matches in?


2/10 What colour does India play cricket in when they’re not wearing whites?


What is the Indian Cricket team’s nickname?


Who was the captain of Indian Cricket in summer 2022?


Who was the coach of the Indian cricket team in Summer 2022?

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6/10 Which of these flags might you see flying all over the stands during an Indian cricket match?


Which of these stadiums do Indian play home matches in?


India have been world champions in Twenty20 cricket?


What is the name of the trophy fought between India and England?

10/10 A cricket bat

Who was the best cricketer ever?

A duck. Oh no. That was hardly a classic Indian batting performance. Have another go to see if you can score higher in the second innings!

17 caught and bowled. Not too bad for your debut innings with the Indian Test team! Have another go to see if you can score more in the second innings!

62 LBW. What a strong innings. Some great batting there from some very tricky deliveries. Try again to see if you can score a century in the second innings!

147 not out. A match winning innings! The Indian Cricket team win the test and your place is cemented in Indian cricketing history… Awesome work! Try some of our other cricket quizzes to score some more runs!