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Inel’s Top 5 Tips for Mario Kart!

Want to know how to get the best boost when the lights turn green? You’ve come to the right place!

Obviously Gaming Live is all about playing awesome games but it’s also about learning how to get better at playing your favourite releases.

So when Mario Kart mastermind Inel dropped in to guest star on the latest episode, we couldn’t wait to ask him all the top tips for becoming the best at cool courses like Rainbow Road and Ghost Valley.

So want to know how to get the best boost when the lights turn green?

Or how about learning the top power slide skills?

Or what about learning the secrets to steering clear of those tricky blue shells?

Well, if these are the kind of tips you need to turn yourself into the top Karter in town, you’ve come to the right place!

And if you ever need to remember these awesome rules, just check out the list below!

Get Your Boost Right

Make sure you’re quick off the starting grid by timing the countdown just right!

Perfect your power slide

Hold that slide button down for as long as possible to get pink smoke!

Stay on track

Make sure you don’t skid off course by holding the brake button when you slide.

Blue shell dodge

Want to avoid getting smashed by a shell when you’re in pole position? Just slow down and let your opponent get the blue shell blues.

Win the game!

Obvious, right? But if you want to beat the rest, you’ve got to be the best!

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