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Inside Beano 3871- The One Where Dad Goes Missing

This week's Beano is EPIC

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  February 7th 2017

Dennis has another awesome adventure as his dad gets Dad-napped!

Can Dennis and Gnasher rescue him from the Gnome Queen's giant newt?ย 

There's a new teacher at Bash Street School - and she's a bit of a pranker!

The kids had better be on their best (bad) behaviour!

Minnie celebrates Valentine's Day... shooting sucker arrows at lots of people! How romantic... not!

Tricky Dicky ruins his teacher's date...

Nice moustache, Dicky!

Even Gnasher is feeling the (puppy) love!

Don't worry, Gnipper - your dad has a trick up his sleeve!

Beano No. 3871 is on sale from Wednesday 8th February