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Inside Beano Christmas Special 2018

5 Reasons this Christmas Special has Beano under wraps...

Beano Comics Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

The Beano Christmas Special is now on shelves!

Brace yourself for gusts of wind and shivers - you'll be laughing that hard!

Everything's turned a bit Charles Dickens in Beanotown!

Christmas Carol? No, Christmas Dennis (and Wilbur Scrooge!)

The Minx has herself a Minnie little Christmas

with Santa Claus, no less

Rubi gets creative when it comes to sticky tape

Who hasn't wished they had a robot to deal with THIS problem before?

It's Panto-monium with the FREE Beano sticker scene

Tricky Dicky Whittington and his Splat; Snow White and the Seven Bash Street Kids; Dennis and the Forty Menaces; - what Beano panto will YOU make?

Things get a bit parky out when Roger gets stuck in traffic.

Tis the season!

This Issue of the Beano has already landed in shops near you!

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