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Inside Beano – Issue 4106: The Great Menace Bake Off!

Baking is dough joke for Dennis in this week's Beano comic!

Beano Team
Last Updated:Β  July 11th 2022

1. A cake slice of the action!Β 

This week, Dennis and Dad are getting their bake on! Hopefully they’ll be better at baking than the Olives! But a little mix up in the measuring mean the dough starts to get away from them – literally! (Who knows what a pinch is anyway?) Baking is no piece of cake!

What's your favourite cake?


  • Victoria sponge! 0.2 %
  • Chocolate! All the chocolate! 0.6 %
  • Carrot cake! 0.1 %
  • Christmas cake! 0.1 %

2. Feed me, Minnie! Feed me!

Minnie wants a plant! And Mum is ready to let her – what harm could Minnie do with a plant? But when she feeds him too much food, things start to grow wrong!

What's the best pet?


  • A plant! 0.2 %
  • A fish! 0 %
  • A cat! 0.4 %
  • A dog! 0.4 %

3. Tough customer!

Smiffy is looking for something in Har Har’s joke shop. Harsha has to help him, but we all know that Smiffy can get a little confused when he’s looking for things! Will Harsha ever be able to find what he’s looking for?

What's your favourite prank?


  • Disappearing ink! 0.2 %
  • Squirting flower! 0.1 %
  • Invisible ink! 0.2 %
  • Whoopee cushion on a chair! 0.5 %

4. The Butterfly Effect!

The paperclip factory has been closed because of the discovery of a rare butterfly. This gives the Bash Street Kids a plan to get the school closed for a while - as long as no-one discovers their plans!

How would you close your school for a day?


  • Use fake snow to make it look like a snow day! 0.3 %
  • A giant stink bomb so everywhere needs fumigated! 0.4 %
  • I wouldn't - I'd just wait until the weekend! 0.2 %
  • Who wants school to close? I love school! 0.1 %

5. Break it down!

Doctor Gloom has made another disintegrator! When will he learn that they don’t work?! But as long as Bananaman doesn’t get zapped, it’ll be easy to get Doctor Gloom back into jail!

Who would be your ultimate supervillain?


  • Doctor Gloom! 0.2 %
  • Appleman! 0.2 %
  • No-one - I AM a supervillain! 0.4 %
  • General Blight! 0.2 %

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