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Inside Beano – Issue 4126: Whodunnit?!

There’s a biscuit thief loose in Beanotown, and 4 other reasons to pick up this week’s comic!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 11th 2022

1. Who ate all the biscuits?!

There’s a biscuit thief in the Menace household – and it’s up to Dennis to find them! It could only be Mum, Dad, Gnasher or Dennis himself that did it (Bea can’t eat biscuits yet!). So whodunnit?!

What's the best biscuit?


  • Chocolate oaty ones! 0.5 %
  • Digestives! 0.2 %
  • Rich Tea! 0 %
  • Bourbon! 0.3 %

2. Namananab!

It’s opposite day for Bananaman this week. Our banana-brained hero has met his exact opposite in every way – so a superhero that stops the criminals without wrecking the town in the process! But no-one could replace our favourite hero, could they?

Would you like to live in a world where everything was the opposite?


  • Yes! 0.2 %
  • No! 0.4 %
  • Yes... no... I'm too confused about it being the opposite! 0.4 %

3. Bash Street Pirates!

It’s time to meet the Bash Street Pirates, me hearties! They’re storming the seven seas of Beanotown’s pond. But no pirates have ever caused as much mayhem as Class 2B does!

What would be your pirate name?


  • Peg Leg Pam! 0.3 %
  • Black-and-bluebeard! 0.4 %
  • Jonah! 0.2 %
  • Davey Jones! 0.2 %

4. Chester the Minx!

Minnie is looking for a more interesting sidekick – Chester is just a bit boring for a minx! So she’s on the hunt for a more paw-some pet. But she’ll need to watch it – her search could end up a cat-astrophe!

What would be the coolest pet for Minnie?


  • A dragon! 0.3 %
  • A dinosaur! 0.3 %
  • A snake! 0.1 %
  • The Loch Ness Monster! 0.3 %

5. Magic Yeti!

Yeti is a magician! He and Betty are at a party to perform some of their magic tricks! They’ll pull a rabbit out of the hat, saw someone in half, and make all the party food disappear!

Who's the best magician?


  • Harry Houdini! 0.3 %
  • David Blaine! 0.2 %
  • Dynamo! 0.3 %
  • Derren Brown! 0.2 %

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