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Inside Beano – Issue 4139: Minnie's New Pet!

Minnie’s got a new pet this week – but what could it be?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 11th 2022

1. Dinosaur Disaster!

Minnie’s new pet is a dinosaur – she’ll be sure to be the coolest kid in school! Nobody else will have one! Or will they?

What dinosaur would you want as a pet?


  • Tyrannosaurus Rex! 0.5 %
  • Velociraptor! 0.2 %
  • Triceratops! 0.2 %
  • Pteradactyl! 0.2 %

2. Jurassic Pal!

Minnie and Dennis’s dinos are going head to head in an epic battle to the death! Who will reign supreme with the ultimate dinosaur? There can be only one!

What would be the most epic battle duo?


  • Shark vs Lion! 0.2 %
  • Velociraptor vs Crocodile! 0.2 %
  • Gnasher vs Tiger! 0.5 %
  • Piranaha vs Hyena! 0.1 %

3. Use your brain!

There are zombies at the door of the joke shop! Heena, Harsha and Hani better watch out for their brains, they might get eaten! But... could it all be a prank?

What do zombies eat?


  • Brains! 0.9 %
  • Humans! 0.1 %
  • Blood! 0 %
  • Vegetables! 0 %

4. New Kids in Class!

Please welcome to Class 2B, some new pupils – Stevie, Khadija and Mahira. Will they cause as much trouble as the rest of the class, or will they be a good influence?

What do you think the new pupils will be like?


  • Very well behaved! 0.1 %
  • Don't cause that much trouble! 0.1 %
  • As bad as the rest of the class! 0.6 %
  • Worse than the rest of Class 2B put together! 0.2 %

5. New name, who dis?

General Blight has stolen Bananaman’s name! So he’s got to find a new one to suit him – but what else can our banana-brained hero be called?

Which new name should Bananaman use?


  • Bananaboy? 0.6 %
  • Butterflyman! 0.1 %
  • Balloonman! 0.1 %
  • Bungeeman! 0.2 %

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