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Inside Beano – Issue 4149: You Will Obey!

Technology is taking over Beanotown this week... literally!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 30th 2023

1. Taking over your mind!

The Prefect has let a super-computer loose in Beanotown, and it’s taking over everyone’s mind! The only person who can resist is Dan – how on earth is he going to get this computer to power down?

What's your ultimate phone?


  • iPhone 0.6 %
  • Sony 0.3 %
  • Samsung 0.1 %
  • Google 0 %

2. Two can play at that game!

Minnie and Francis are visiting the arcade – but something is amiss! Fun is not the name of the game here – and it’s time to play the arcade owner at their own game!

3. Things are looking up!

Dennis has taken his catapulting to the next level – he’s figured out how he won’t get caught! A periscope will mean his aim will be perfect every time! But will he see them coming?!

4. Banana...monkey?!

What’s happened to Bananaman? He’s a monkey! Who could have done that? General Blight? Doctor Gloom? Witchy Witch? Or maybe it was just one too many bananas?

5. Sea you at the beach!

Teacher’s spending a day at the beach! Sand, sea, sun, what more could you want? And a bit of peace and quiet away from Class 2B... or so he thinks!

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