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Inside Beano โ€“ Issue 4154: The Minx Files

Join Minx-spector Min in solving all of Beanotown's mysteries!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  September 21st 2022

1. The Min-spector Detective Agency!

Minnie's got a mystery on her hands - the Case of the Missing Jelly Baby! Can she and Francis solve it in time - before they have to go home for the evening?

Who's the best detective?


  • Sherlock Holmes 0.7 %
  • Miss Marple 0 %
  • Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong 0 %
  • Enola Holmes 0.3 %

2. A new boss in town!

Bananaman's got a new boss - Mayor Brown! What's happened to Chiefy? And what will Bananaman have to do with the Mayor in charge?

3. Tickle your funny bone!

Dennis has got a bone to pick with you! Or rather, a bone to pick with Gnasher, who's dug up an actual dinosaur bone! What will they do with it? Anything is fossil-able!

4. That's sketchy!

The Bash Street Kids are getting arty! They're killing some time at break time by drawing some super pictures of Teacher - do you think he'll like it!

5. Sprout cannons!

Dan is facing off against the Prefect again! But this time, someone else is butting in! I wonder who it could be? Who would be stupid enough to face off with the Prefect and a giant sprout cannon?

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