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Inside Beano โ€“ Issue 4161: Obey Your Gnew Master!

Gnasher's in charge this week! And don't you forget his sausages!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  November 4th 2022

1. A dog eat dog world!

Gnasher's in charge, and it's all Dennis's fault! What on earth happened to make Gnasher become so tyrannical? And how does Dennis not doing his homework have to do with it?

What's your favourite breed of dog?


  • A Dalmatian! 0.5 %
  • A Golden Retriever! 0.1 %
  • A Border Collie! 0.1 %
  • An Abyssinian Wire-Haired Trip Hound! 0.3 %

2. Odd socks!

Minnie's wearing odd socks to fight bullying this week - so now she's got to find some bullies to fight! Once she's worked out who in Bash Street is most likely to be a bully, she can stick by them like glue to catch them in the act!

3. Toilet Troubles!

Teacher has made Wilf wait until breaktime to go to the bathroom - totally acceptable! Guess what revenge Class 2B plan!

4. Half-baked ideas!

Rubi's got plenty of projects on the go - but she's struggling to finish them before starting something new!

5. Happy Birthday, General Blight?

It's General Blight's birthday and Bananaman's forgotten! He's got to make it the best day for one of his best friends/villains!

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