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Inside Beano No. 3864 – The Christmas Issue!

Beano No. 3864 - The one when it's Christmas all the way through

Beano Comics Team
Last Updated:Β  August 25th 2021

This week's awesome Christmas Beano comes with 12 amazing gifts... yes, 12! But what else is inside?

The Numskulls

Edd's Christmas goes with a crash!

Tricky Dicky

DickyΒ shows you how to use your Beano Christmas prank pack!

Minnie the Minx

Minnie's got one thing on her mind... snow!

Roger the Dodger

Roger gets slammed by an angry elf!

Dennis and Gnasher

Dennis cranks it into overdrive (as always)!

The Christmas Beano is on sale from Wednesday 7th December.