Inside... Beano No. 3866

Beano No. 3866 - The one with the woolly mammoth

The first Beano of 2017 is EPIC! But what's inside? Here are five reasons this week's comic is BeanoTASTIC...

1. There's a mammoth. Yes, a mammoth...

...and Minnie the Minx gives it a mega-makeover

2. Dennis goes super-sized... fight a space-lizard!

3. Make a Gnasher kite

It'll blow you away!

4. Betty wants her mummy

She gets her Yeti instead

5. Edd's having a bad day at school

Can the Numskulls work out why his teacher has become a giant fish finger?

Beano No. 3866 is in shops from Wednesday 4th January

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