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Inside Beano No. 3879 – The One That’s Really Really LOUD

5 reasons this week's Beano is awesome

Beano Comics Team
Last Updated:  August 25th 2021

1. Roger the Dodger joins the Dinmakers!

For one gig only!

2. Beanotown United Juniors need to get fitter

If only Coachie would set a better example for them

3. Bananaman has a cold, but luckily, when Chief O'Reilly puts on one of Bananaman's spare outfits...

He doesn't... become Bananaman. But that doesn't stop him trying to be a superhero anyway!

4. Walter has a new scheme to drive Dennis and Gnasher apart

But can he really make it happen? GULP!

5. Betty puts Yeti through some health and safety training

Hope it's not bad for Yeti's health!

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