Inside Beano No. 3884... The One About The Best Dog In The World

Five reasons you can't miss this week's Beano

Beano 13th May 2017 cover

1. Gnasher and his pooch pals share their fave jokes!



2. Minnie the Minx thinks she needs a Gnasher of her own

Will she find a furry friend?

Minnie the Minx and dog

3. Calamity James dresses up for Comic Con

Ooh! Scary!

Calamity James, Alexander Lemming, Beano

4. The vet tells Gnasher to lay off the gnashing for a while

Luckily, Dennis volunteers to step in and take care of business

Dennis gnashing

5. Don't worry though - Gnasher is soon back to gnormal

Poor Postie!

Gnasher and Gnipper chasing the postman

Beano No. 3884 is on sale from Wednesday 9th May! Don't miss it!

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