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Inside Beano No. 3885… The One Where The Surf’s Up!

What happens in this week's awesome Beano?

Beano Comics Team
Last Updated:  May 16th 2017

Roger the Dodger goes to the shop for a pint of milk...

...but he brings home enough to fill the house!

Dennis is no stick-in-the-mud...

...even when he gets stuck in the mud!

Billy Whizz is MAZED and confused...

... can you help him find his way?

It's Minnie the Minx against Soppy Susan to see who can be teacher's pet

Hang on! Did we read that right?

Tricky Dicky has a sweet fairy cake prank for you!

Find out how it's done!

Beano No. 3885 is on sale from Wednesday 16th May! Make sure you never miss a Beano by going here to subscribe!