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Inside Beano no.3919 – Dennis Makes a Splash with the Biggest Water Balloon Ever!

5 Reasons you'd be daft to miss this week's Beano!

Beano Comics Team
Last Updated:  August 25th 2021

1. Bananaman’s run out of bananas! Maybe a foam banana sweet will have the same effect? Or not!

2. Inspired by the Ancient Greeks, Minnie has built the ultimate trick to fool Cruncher…

3. … but history is all a bit boring for Gnasher and Gnipper when Dennis’s dad takes them to Stonehenge!

4. The best dodging needs pocket money but Roger can’t pig-ture it – he’s a bit short!

5. Calamity James has a new idea for beating the big freeze. We’re sure nothing can go wrong!*

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