Inside Beano no. 3926: A Race to the Finish

5 Reasons this week's Beano is the fastest thing on shelves!

1. Minnie’s plan to ‘improve’ the paintings at Beanotown Art Gallery gets her in a bucketful of trouble!

Minnie messes with the art gallery

2. Dennis and Pie Face discover the snowy lands of Bananarnia – and Gnasher’s Banarnia cousin!

Dennis goes on a snowy adventure

3. Back in Beanotown, Rubi wants to find out what Gnasher’s barks really mean!

Rubi helps Gnasher to talk! ...Kind of...

4. Tricky Dicky is ready for Show and Tell! I don’t think he’ll be getting an A for this one!

Show and Tell doesn't go well

5. And Calamity James’s decision become a ping pong champion gets a little scrambled!

This week’s Beano will be available in shops from Wednesday 14th March!

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