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Inside Beano no. 3952 – Where a Super Spy Comes to Bash Street School!

5 Reasons this week's Beano will make YOU feel like a super spy!

Beano Comics Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

1. Bananaman decides Beanotown needs a modern superhero – one who’s dark and gritty!

And so The Dark ‘Nana rises!

2. Gnasher & Gnipper use the old ‘stand on each other’s shoulders and pretend to be a grown-up’ trick.

Will it work on Butch Butcher… and his sausages?

3. From sossies to chips in Rubi’s Screwtop Science! Just what is the final ingredient to Rubi’s homework machine?

Any guesses?

4. Minnie the Minx’s dad is embarrassing her at school! What’s the answer?

Turn him into a secret agent, of course!

5. Plus… Roger the Dodger’s efforts to get out of homework lead him to Beanotown’s fancy new art dealer’s, Artington’s.

Just what is his latest dodge?

This Issue of the Beano arrives in shops Wednesday 12th September!

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