Inside Beano no. 3997!

5 reasons this week's Beano is snow laughing matter! Don't LET IT GO!

7th August 2019 - Frozen Too?

1. Dennis is frozen! Does Beanotown need to be saved from a giant frost monster? Is Dennis the frost monster?

Or is it just an extreme ice cream headache? Can Dennis save the day, or will he just... let it go? 

Beano 3997 - Dennis and Gnasher

How do you cure an ice cream headache?

2. Teacher is spending the day at the beach. No kids, no school, no responsibilities... or so he thinks!

But he can’t seem to get Class 2B out of his head. Somehow, during Teacher’s relaxing day at the beach, he keeps seeing them in his selfies!

Beano 3997 - Bash Street Kids

What's your favourite selfie face?

3. Roger has knocked over a plant in the house and messed up the living room. Cleaning it up would mean work, and Roger is definitely dodging that!

Obviously, this means Roger is going to hypnotise a cow.

Wait, what? 

Beano 3997 - Roger the Dodger

Who should Roger call?

4. Minnie is flying high on her way to Whoosh World, the best theme park outside of, well... Beanotown! All Minnie’s ever dreamed of is riding the Skypuncher!

But will Dad ever get them there? 

Beano 3997 - Minnie the Minx

Do you like rollercoasters?

5. There’s giant banana hurtling towards Earth! There’s only one person to call! Bananaman!

Who's responsible for the big yellow hazard in the sky above Beanotown?

Beano 3997 - Bananaman

Where did the giant banana come from?

All this and more in Beano no. 3997, on sale in shops from 7th August 2019!

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