Inside Beano no. 4006!

5 reasons this week's Beano will make you suspicious!

Inside Beano Issue 4006...

The Unusual Suspects!

Beano no. 4006 - The Unusual Suspects

1. The Bash Street Kids are on a school trip to McMurder Hall. Yes, McMurder Hall. One by one, each of the kids fall asleep.

Watch as they turn on each other to find out who’s doing it, while fighting the strong urge to nap! Whoever is left has to be the culprit, don’t they?

Inside Beano no. 4006 - Bash Street Kids

Where's the best place for a school trip?

2. It’s all about the llama drama. Bananaman has a llama sidekick, Banana-llama!

This is all a bit a-llama-ring! There’s a lot of spitting, shedding and bucking, and that’s just from Bananaman! 

Beano no. 4006 - Bananaman

What should Banana-llama's super power be?

3. Minzilla is attacking Beanotown! Get out while you can! She’s wrecking buildings, stepping on cars, heading straight for Bash Street School!

How did she get so big, and what made her so angry? 

Beano no. 4006 - Minnie the Minx

How did Minnie get so big?

4. Mum needs to get the Christmas tree out of the garden, and Dennis and Gnasher have been enlisted to help. Of course, this was never going to be easy!

There’s a giant protected bird, the police get involved, and Dad sits on the sofa.

Beano no. 4006 - Dennis and Gnasher

What's your favourite Christmas food?

5. Dan is on top of a train. His mission is to stop the train before it crashes into another one going the opposite way on the same track!

But of course, S.M.I.R.K. have other ideas! 

Beano no. 4006 - Dangerous Dan

How should Dan stop the train?

All this and more in Beano no. 4005, on sale in shops from 9th October 2019!

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