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Inside Beano no. 4012!

5 reasons this week's Beano will singe your nostril hair!

Beano Comics Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Inside Beano Issue 4012...

Let One Go! 

1. Minnie just has to let one go!

This week, while on a work experience assignment, Minnie finds herself with the urge to paaarp! 

2. Dennis and Gnasher are playing with retro consoles with Dad this week. You know, the type of video games that were last played when dinosaurs roamed the Earth!

Retro gaming can be really fun... or deadly! 

3. Bananaman is trying to find France. Now, to be fair to him, it's a oui bit difficult.

It’s quite far away from Beanotown. But it’s definitely between Beanotown and space! 

4. The Bash Street Kids need to see the nurse! It’s check-up time and there are plenty ailments and illnesses to go around!

Hopefully the Nurse will be able to cope with Class 2B! 

5. Dangerous Dan is on another case! S.M.I.R.K. are trying to take away pupils’ lunch breaks!

The horror! Can Dan stop The Prefect’s dastardly plan? 

All this and more in Beano, in shops from 20th November 2019!

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