Inside Beano no. 4016!

5 reasons this week's Beano bring the new year in with a bang!

Inside Beano Issue 4016...


Inside Beano 4016 - 2020

1. Happy New Year, Readers! We’re in 2020, and everybody’s got a resolution! Tricky Dicky’s is to do 20 pranks for 2020!

 But first, he needs to pull off the most elaborate prank that Beanotown has ever seen! Only Tricky Dicky could manage it!  

Inside Beano 4016 - Tricky Dicky

Which prank is the funniest?

2. Dennis and Roger get lost in the woods! Will they ever get out? Will they ever find their ball? Or will they find the creature that lives in the wood first?

 Here’s hoping they’re home in time for tea!

Inside Beano 4016 - Dennis and Gnasher

What's the scariest thing to find in the woods?

3. The Bash Street Kids are bouncing!

Leaping into the New Year, they are bumping into all kinds of trouble with their jumping personalities!

Inside Beano 4016 - Bash Street Kids

What's the best garden toy?

4. Minnie is starting this new year with some retrospection. Has she done enough minxing?

Can she increase the quality of her minxing to ensure she’s hitting maximum mayhem targets? And most importantly, can she cause lots of mischief just completing a simple survey? 

Inside Beano 4016 - Minnie the Minx

Do you have a new year's resolution?

5. Bananaman meets the multiverse! General Blight has opened the door to the multiverse and release all the alternate Blights upon Beanotown?

Can Bananaman stop multiple Blights, and save Beanotown from becoming Blight-town?

Inside Beano 4016 - Bananaman

Which parallel universe would you like to live in?

All this and more in Beano, in shops from 31st December 2019!

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