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Inside Beano no. 4017!

5 reasons this week's Beano will stitch you up!

Beano Comics Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Inside Beano Issue 4017...

Would you be-sleeve it?

1. Dennis has lost his sleeve! A menace with only half a jumper is only half a menace!

This time, it’s up to Gran and her magic knitting needles to save the day! 

2. Fatty Fudge is moving house! Or is he? Minnie’s not about to lose her friend without a fight!

What can the ultimate Minx do to stop the worst happening? Cause a lot of mayhem, of course! 

3. The Mayor is ill and Bananaman is the only one who can save him! He’s got to fly up his nose (gross, bogeys!) and kill the virus that's making him ill.

Is Bananaman up to the task? Honestly, probably not!

4. This week, Teacher gets a make-over from the kids to bring him into the 21st century! Well...they try to!

 Can you teach an old Teacher new tricks? Maybe not using the lost property box!

5. Calamity James is being sensible and trying to stay away from his bad luck!

He’s being safe and sensible and not getting himself into any shenanigans. Does it work? Of course not! 

All this and more in Beano, in shops from 8th January 2020!

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