Inside Beano no. 4020!

5 reasons this week's Beano rules!

Inside Beano Issue 4020...

Arise, Queen Minnie The First! 

Inside Beano Issue 4020... Arise, Queen Minnie The First!

1. All hail Queen Minnie! Long Live the Queen of Minxing! Nobody is going to say no to Queen Minnie – not even the Beano Editor!

 She controls Gnashersaurus Rex, would you deny her every request?

Inside Beano 4020 - Minnie the Minx

What would you do if you controlled Gnashersaurus Rex?

2. Gnasher and Gnipper go exploring! This week, they end up loose in the soft play centre! What fun! Ball pools, slides, tunnels – it’s got everything!

  Will Dad ever manage to get them out of there?!

Inside Beano 4020 - Gnasher and Gnipper

Where would you go exploring?

3. When you go down to the woods today, you’ll get a big surprise – a bog monster! Dennis and Pie Face are getting dangerously close to it.

They’d better watch or it might get them! 

Inside Beano 4020 - Dennis and Gnasher

Which is your favourite legendary creature?

4. General Blight is becoming an influencer. And Bananaman is helping!

 Will they go viral, or will General Blight just be a computer virus? 

Inside Beano 4020 - Bananaman

Who is your favourite Youtuber?

5. The Bash Street Kids are in trouble. If they don’t all pass this test, they'll get detention.

Class 2B needs to face their toughest task yet: teach Smiffy something!  

Inside Beano 4020 - Bash Street Kids

Have you ever been in detention?

All this and more in Beano, in shops from 29th January 2020!

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