Inside Beano no. 4028 - Dennis is on the case!

All the clues lead to loads of laughs in this week's Beano. Want to explore? Take a sneaky peek here!

Inside Beano Issue 4028...

 Dennis is on the case!

Inside Beano 4028 -  Dennis is on the case!

1. Biscuits have gone missing from the Menace household and Dennis needs to work out who ate them!

Who could it have been? It’s Elementary, my dear Editor! 

Inside Beano 4028 - Dennis and Gnasher

Which detective would you choose to solve a biscuit mystery?

2. It’s April Fools’ Day in Beanotown!

It’s Tricky Dicky’s time to shine! And Mum and Dad are terrified! And rightly so! The Prank Master is out to fool them as many times as he can! And it’s all completely allowed!  

Inside Beano 4028 - Tricky Dicky

Who do you think is the best prankster in Beanotown?

3. Minnie is jumping! On beds in ICKEA. She’s out to make a record for how quickly she can be banned from a furniture shop in Beanotown.

Unfortunately, Dad still manages to buy something, so now it’s time for the real horror: Flat-pack furniture!  

Inside Beano 4028 - Minnie

What's the best thing to bounce on?

4. The Bash Street Kids are freezing! Teacher has turned off the heat to help save energy!

How else could the Bash Street Kids save energy in the classroom? Probably by not being in it, firstly!  

Inside Beano 4028 - The Bash Street Kids

What's worse? Being too hot or being too cold?

5. Beanotown is in a mess and Bananaman is trying to clean it up!

It’s mainly because he dropped his banana peels all over the town, and now Chiefy is telling him to tidy, but still, he’s trying! Can Rubi’s invention help make this an easier task? Probably not! 

Inside Beano 4028 - Bananaman

What tricks would you use to tidy up Beanotown?

All this and more in Beano, in shops from 25th March 2020!

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