Inside Beano no. 4040 - Where's Dennis?!

Dennis has gone into hiding! In his own house!

Inside Beano Issue 4040...

Where's Dennis?!

Inside Beano Issue 4040 - Where's Dennis?

1. Dennis has gone into hiding! In his own house!

He’s got to keep away from Mum and Dad or they’ll make him do chores! That’s just ridiculous! 

Inside Beano no. 4040  - Dennis & Gnasher

Where would you hide if you were trying to avoid doing chores?

2. Bananaman is getting some merchandise!

He needs loads of cool new banana gadgets to up his super-hero cool level! And with Rubi on the case, absolutely nothing can go wrong!

Inside Beano no. 4040 - Bananaman

How would you make bananas even more awesome than they already are?

3. It’s nice day for a minxing wedding!

And Minnie’s a bridesmaid – that’s never going to go wrong, for sure! She may be a bridesmaid, but she’ll always be a minx!

Inside Beano 4040 - Minnie

What's the best thing about weddings?

4. Gnasher and Gnipper need to get rid of those pesky cats for good!

They’ve been annoying them for too long, and it’s not fair! It’s time set a trap fit for a cat!

Inside Beano 4040 - Gnasher & Gnipper

What's the best thing to use if you want to catch a cat?

5. Teacher’s got a new vase – and he needs to protect it from the Bash Street Kids!

First rule of Class 2B – never leave them alone, or trouble will start! Will they listen to Teacher and stay away from the vase? 

Inside Beano 4040 - The Bash Street Kids

Would you trust the Bash Street Kids with a priceless vase?

All this and more in Beano, in shops from 17th June 2020!

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