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Inside Beano no. 4050 - Things are Looking UP!

Look up above! It's a's a's Dennis with a bunch of balloons attached to his garden shed?

Beano Comics Team
Last Updated:  September 2nd 2021

Inside Beano no. 4050 - Lookin' UP!

Take to the skies this week, where Dennis sticks his head in the clouds, Calamity James tells us some belly-jiggling jokes, JJ & Rubi tryout a terrible attempt at tennis, and Roger the Dodger gets soaked in a supreme splashdown!

Dennis is going on an adventure...

AND he’s made his very own sky castle to get him there! It’ll be an epic journey with sky battles with sky pirates! Will Dennis get where he needs to go, or will he be shot down? Maybe you can help by playing our new game featuring Dennis' cloudventures, Sky Battle Ships!

Minnie has a giant bouncy ball!

She’s the only one in Beanotown with one, so she’s very popular! But a giant bouncy ball can cause so much mayhem in hands of a minx – Beanotown needs to watch out!

Bananaman has gone EXTREME!

He’s edgier, and more destructive than ever – the answer to everything has to be more extreeeeeeme! But one thing’s for sure, he’s still extremely banana-brained! 

This week is all about a cinema trip with Spotty and Smiffy. But...

Keeping Smiffy in line is tough – is Spotty up for the job? He’ll need eyes on the back of his head to know what Smiffy is going to do next! 

Roger's hit SPLASHDOWN!

He’s been attacked with a water pistol! Which dodge will help him with a watery revenge plan?! Or will it all be water under the bridge? Not likely!  

And don't forget to check out brand-new-game Sky Battle Ships!

This week's Beano has a sky-tacular board game in it, pitting you in a battle amongst the clouds. Check out the digital version HERE (or click the image below!)

All this and more in Beano, in shops from 26th August 2020!

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