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Inside Beano no. 4069 – Minnie Schools The Teachers!

The teachers are fed up with Minnie's antics - but she's one step ahead!

Beano Comics Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Inside Beano no. 4069 - Minnie schools the teachers!

  The teachers are having a meeting – they need to discuss Minnie!  

1. Min-tervention!

The teachers are having a meeting – they need to discuss Minnie! She’s just so badly behaved, Mrs Creecher doesn’t know what to do! But Minnie’s one step ahead – and she’s got a man (or a minx) on the inside! 


2. Bath-time blues for Gnasher!

It’s bath-time in the Menace household – and Gnasher’s on the run! Can Mum and Dennis outsmart this smelly canine, or will Gnasher get (not so) clean away?!  


3. Banana-mergency!

Oh no! Bananaman has turned back into Eric mid-flying! He needs to eat a banana so he can start flying again before he hits the ground – or it’s lights out for Bananaman! Is this his end of days, or will our banana-brained hero make it in time?

The Beano

4. The Bash Street Kids are feeling frozen!

It’s a bit cold in Class 2B – Teacher’s tea’s frozen solid! Teacher’s got an idea about how they can warm up – school work?! Definitely not! That idea leave the Bash Street Kids feeling cold all over!  

5. Billy Whizz has forgotten to do his homework!

Where could it be? He needs to race all over the world to do it, as it was Geography! Thank goodness it wasn’t history, or he’d never get the time to do it. 


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