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Inside Beano no. 4071

Dennis and Gnasher versus the giant robot!

Beano Comics Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Inside Beano no. 4071

1. Dennis to the rescue!

Last week, we saw Dennis knocking out Bananaman with a plant pot on a trampoline! And he’s still sleeping this week, along with General Blight! So when Doctor Gloom attacks, it’s up to Dennis to save Beanotown! But what can one boy (and his dog) do against a giant robot and an evil genius?

2. Bananaman has finally awoken!

Bananaman has finally awoken! And just in time – Auntie’s attacking Beanotown! Her knitting needles of doom are ready to unravel Beanotown at the seams! Only Bananaman can stop her now! 

3. Minnie is baby-sitting!

Not actually sitting on a baby, but helping look after a baby while her Mum chats. And this baby is a mini Minx! Look out, world, when Minnie and her mini Minx team up – it’s going to be awesome! 

4. The Bash Street Kids are living history!

The Bash Street Kids are seeing history come to life! They’re being like real-life Indiana Jones and discovering brand new historical artefacts – let’s hope none of them are cursed! Or booby-trapped! 

5. Desperate Dan's Identity dilemma!

Dan has a really important mission this week – he has to pick Agent 700 from the airport. Agent 700 was the best agent of all time back in the day! But how’s Dan going to recognise him at the airport – his identity is a total mystery?! 

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