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Inside Beano no. 4083 – The First Minx on Mars!

Here's five reasons why this week's Beano is out of this world!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

1. Mission to Mars!

Minnie’s gone to outer space! She’s getting her own Rover and is off to explore alien lands! It’s one small step for Minnie, but one giant leap for Minx-kind! She shows that her minxing talent is out of this world!

Which planet would you love to visit?


  • Jupiter 0.1 %
  • Saturn 0.1 %
  • I want to drive around on the Mars rover 0.3 %
  • All of them! 0.5 %

2. The Prankalorian!

Harsha Chandra has been transformed into her alter-ego – The Prankalorian! The Prankalorian’s mission is to prank as many people as possible, in the name of justice! And nobody will know it’s her in the awesome Prankalorian mask! 

What's the most amount of pranks you've played in one week?


  • 2 0.2 %
  • I've lost count 0.3 %
  • It felt like 100 – I was on a roll! 0.2 %
  • I never, ever prank! 0.3 %

3. A class act!

This week, Smiffy’s place in Class 2B is in jeopardy – he’s in danger of being held back a year if his grades don’t improve. It’s up to the rest of Class 2B to teach them all they know – no Bash Street Kid gets left behind!

Which subject do you wish you could study?


  • Aliens 0.1 %
  • Video games 0.5 %
  • Pizza making 0.2 %
  • Relaxing 0.2 %

4. Chill out, Dad!

Dennis and Gnasher are on a mission this week – to help Dad relax and get some sleep! But relaxing and Dennis is not something that mixes well, especially for Dad. 

How do you like to relax?


  • Put my feet up and watch TV 0.5 %
  • Go for a walk 0.1 %
  • Read my favourite comic on a gigantic bean(o)bag 0.3 %
  • Have a big nap 0.1 %

5. Banana-trance!

Bananaman has been busy making banana gadgets to match General Blight’s ridiculous Blight blasters! Watch as Bananaman uses a banana-pan, banana-van and a banana-fan to beat General Blight!

If you could could put your family in a trance, what would you get them to do?


  • Tidy my room 0.2 %
  • Agree to more pocket money 0.3 %
  • Let me stay up as late as I want 0.3 %
  • I'd get them to go shopping for loads of sweets! 0.3 %

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